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Ernest Briggs - Untitled 1951
Ernest Briggs
Untitled, 1951
Oil on canvas, 143 1/2" x 57"


November 1 - 29, 2008
And sculptures by Mark Gibian
Gallery Hours: Thursdays - Saturdays 11 - 6 PM

99 Spring Street Gallery in Soho, NYC

This exhibition will present some paintings of Ernest Briggs that have not been exhibited since the 50’s and 60’s. They have been unrolled and stretched at the Anita Shapolsky Art Foundation a large church built in 1849, 20 West Broadway in Jim Thorpe, PA.

Ernest Briggs, an Abstract Expressionist painter, was able to make a name for himself among the New York avant-garde in the 1950’s with his explosive and dynamic style. Briggs brought to the East Coast a fresh, lively aesthetic that contrasted the darker and heavier art being produced by the New York School. His works reflected a radical West Coast style that he developed at the California School of Fine Arts in San Francisco under the tutelage of artists such as Mark Rothko, Ad Reinhardt and Clyfford Still. Briggs was particularly influenced by Still’s primordial brushwork.
The most important difference between Briggs and other painters of his era (Ab Ex, New York School, avant-garde, modern, what ever they are called by different writers and collectors) is that he had no signature – each painting style was different from one year to the next – not so Pollock, deKooning, Rothko, etc. Perhaps that is why it took so long for him to be appreciated by the public. His collectors, over the years, have never sold his works. He is rarely at auction, even though he sells well.
The pure raw emotions diffused into Briggs’ paintings have been described as volcanic, rugged, rhythmic and lyrical. He was very influenced by nature, which is reflected by the atmosphere in his 50’s and 60’s paintings.  He painted monumental sized works, many of which are gestural and heavily layered. These works will be displayed in the exhibition. There will also be one of his expressionistic realistic paintings included.

Briggs had several one-man shows at the Stable Gallery in New York, and was exhibited in Dorothy Miller’s “Twelve Americans” show at the Museum of Modern Art in 1956.  Selected collections include the Smithsonian Institute, Washington DC, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, California, Carnegie Institute, Pittsburg, Rockefeller Institute, New York, The Oakland Museum, California, Walker Art Center, Minnesota and the San Jose Museum of Art, California. 

Gallery Hours: Thursday – Sat, 12 – 6 pm
For more information, please contact Anita Shapolsky Gallery
212 452 1094

Ernest Briggs - Untitled 1959 Ernest Briggs - Untitled 1960s Ernest Briggs - Untitled April 1959
Ernest Briggs
Untitled, 1959
Oil on canvas, 83" x 68 1/4"
Ernest Briggs
Untitled, 1960s
Oil on canvas, 69" x 52"
Ernest Briggs
Untitled, April 1959
Oil on canvas, 113" x 70"
Ernest Briggs - Untitled 1961 Ernest Briggs - Untitled 1957
Ernest Briggs
Untitled, 1961
Oil on canvas, 59 1/2" x 58"
Ernest Briggs
Untitled, May 1955
Oil on canvas, 77" x 47"
Ernest Briggs
Untitled, 1957
Oil on canvas, 113" x 70"



Ernest Briggs - Untitled 1962
Ernest Briggs - Interiors 1979
Ernest Briggs - Untitled 1969
Ernest Briggs
Untitled, 1962
Oil on canvas, 86" x 70"
Ernest Briggs
Interiors, July 1979
Oil on canvas, 40" x 32"
Ernest Briggs
Untitled, 1969
Oil on canvas, collage, 83" x 113"