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Jeanne Reynal

ART COUPLE: Work of the 1950's
Mosaics by Jeanne REYNAL and paintings by Thomas SILLS
February 9 - April 26, 2008

The Anita Shapolsky Gallery is hosting a show on a unique art couple, featuring modern mosaics by Jeanne Reynal (1903 - 1983) and paintings by Thomas Sills (1914 -2000) from the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Jeanne Reynal, the mosaicist, was inspired by luminous gold mosaic of ancient architecture of Byzantium. In the times of Renaissance, as she observed, mosaic work was conflated to mere juxtaposition of stones and her project, as a mosaicist, was to recover the lost quality of light. Jeanne Reynal developed the "direct method" and has given the ancient art new dimension. In order to rescue the lost quality of light,  her “direct method” of laying pieces of stone, shells, marble and semi-precious stones in various patterns let the light glitter on the surface.
Thomas Sills, a self-taught artist, inspired by his wife’s collection of abstract art, began working with materials that his wife used in her mosaics, but soon branched out to oil on wood as well as canvas. In his compositions of bright oils he mimicked luminous mosaics of Jeanne Reynal. His provocative handling of color and innovative use of media attracted the attention of the New York avant-garde.
Jeanne Reynal and Thomas Sills, a biracial couple, married in the 1950’s. They both part of the Abstract Expressionist movement in New York City in the middle of the 20th century. They were friends of artists: Arshile Gorky, Buffie Johnson, Franz Kline, William de Kooning, Barnet Newman, Jackson Pollack, Mark Rothko.

Their works can be seen in a number of museum collections: Museum of Modern Art, Whitney Museum of American Art, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and many more. They were also exhibited by Betty Parsons Gallery for many years. There is a growing demand for their work. Jeanne Reynal will be included in the upcoming exhibition exploring Isamu Noguchi’s artistic friendships at the Noguchi Museum.

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Gallery Hours

Tue – Sat 11 – 6 PM

Jeanne Reynal and Thomas Sills
Jeanne Reynal and Thomas Sills

Jeanne Reynal
Untitled, 1958
Mosaic, mixed media, 30" x 22”
Thomas Sills - Composition
Thomas Sills
Composition, 1953
o/c, 43” x 46”
Thomas Sills
Arbor, 1959
o/c, 45” x 49”
Jeanne Reynal
Nursery for Birds, 1946-7
Mosaic, 36" x 25”
Sills_eye Sills_New Born Sills_Summer
Thomas Sills
The Eye, 1952
Oil on canvas, 44" x 50”
Thomas Sills
New Born, 1958
Oil on canvas, 43" x 49”
Thomas Sills
Summer, 1950
Oil on canvas, 44" x 43”
Jeanne Reynal - Sphere Reynal_Untitled 1967 Reynal_Tapir
Jeanne Reynal
Sphere, 1950's
Mosaic, mixed media, 29” Diameter
Jeanne Reynal
Untitled, 1967
Mosaic, 22 1/2" x 30”
Jeanne Reynal
Tapir Brazil, 1977
Mosaic, mixed media, 27" x 18”
Reynal_Untitled (Yovnerieos) Reynal_Untitled1948 Reynal_Untitled 1950
Jeanne Reynal
Untitled, 1950's
Mosaic, mixed media, 25" x 19”
Jeanne Reynal
Untitled, 1948
Mosaic, mixed media, 30" x 22”
Jeanne Reynal
Untitled, 1950's
Mosaic, mixed media, 42 1/2" x18”
Reynal_Sculpture1 Reynal_sculpture detail 1 Reynal_Morning in Mexico
Jeanne Reynal
Untitled, 1950's-sculpture
Mosaic, mixed media, 62 (H)" x 7” x 7"
Jeanne Reynal
Untitled, 1950's
Detail of sculpture

Jeanne Reynal
Morning in Mexico, 1950's
Mosaic, mixed media, 30" x 24”
Sills_Untitled_1950's Reynal_Vertical Sculpture Sill_Man
Thomas Sills
Untitled, 1950's
Oil on canvas, 28" x 49”
Jeanne Reynal
Vertical Sculpture, 1959-sculpture
Mosaic, mixed media, 65” Height
Thomas Sills
Man, 1953
Oil on canvas, 18" x 14"