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Wilfrid Zogbaum

Wilfrid Zogbaum
1962, Copper
9" x 5" x 8 1/2"
Click here to see a larger view

Wilfrid Zogbaum
Windward Light
1959, Steel
18" x 8" x 48"
Click here to see a larger view

American, 1915-1965

One of the most dynamic abstract artists of the 1950's, Zogbaum's sculptures evoke a compelling view of the Avant-Garde movement. Zogbaum was born September 10, 1915 in New Port Rhode Island. He studied art at the Yale University, followed by the Hoffman School of Fine Arts. After his studies in the early 50's, he traveled to many places. This extensive journey affected his later works. Zogbaum was a founding member of the American Abstract Artist Exhibition in New York. He took part in numerous group exhibitions as well as numerous individual exhibitions. Zogbaums' bold sculptures induce a unique energy.

He first showed his sculpture at The Stable Gallery in 1954. His work is included in permanent collections at The Whitney Museum of American Art, the Brooklyn Museum, Hirshorn Museum, and the San Francisco Museum of Art.